The boyfriend of the mother of two children victimized Monday by a rapist/kidnapper is apparently using the tragedy for what police are calling "his own self aggrandizing motives."

Sgt. Ryan Hunnicutt, Ardmore Police Department public information officer, said Travis Hignett has given graphic television interviews concerning the events that unfolded at the Ashbrooke Place Apartments early Monday.

"We generally try to stay out of people's way when they seek their own fame and attention surrounding tragic incidents. However, in this case we have repeatedly asked the family and friends to limit what they are saying to media outlets and on social media," Hunnicutt said. "Victim's of such crimes deserve our protection as well as our discretion. No one outside of the jury, judge, prosecutors and defense attorneys, under any circumstances other than morbid curiosity, needs to know the details of the trauma."

Hunnicutt called Hignett's action's "unfortunate."

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