A former water department supervisor was able to draw upon his past experience with the city to furnish his residence with water.

Unfortunately for Chris Potts, he did so in an illegal fashion.

Lone Grove Police Chief Robert Oldham said the police department has forwarded a report to the district attorney's office for consideration of charges. Those charges include theft of city utilities and possession of stolen property.

The city became aware of the theft of utilities during discussion to condemn the residence. The residence was to be condemned because there has not been running water for three months. The city decided to send water department employee Nick Danker to the residence during early morning hours to determine if there was a water meter at the residence. Danker did discover a meter, which was pulled.

Oldham said Potts said he had found the meter in the middle of the road on old Main Street and put it in the back of his pick-up. After Potts' water was cutoff, he resorted to taking showers at the lake and doing laundry at the Laundromat, then remembered the meter he had found.

Potts said he installed the meter and used it on and off for three months. City manager Ian O'Neal said Potts has since paid his outstanding bill to the city and is once again receiving city utilities.