For those new to town, Ardmore has a fall event that brings our community together, and for our native locals, don’t even think about missing it! September 21st your day starts with a invigorating 5K, run among the beautifully landscaped areas of Ardmore Downtown Main Street and surrounding area. If your not a runner, feel free to stroll along enjoying the beginning turn of our fall season, Wander around Main Street, where you will find live music from a variety of influences, some cultural, others simply more main stream country and rock. Sample foods that tantalize your mouth, or simply let your inner child run free savoring the powdered bliss of a funnel cake, state fair style. Bring your children out and let them climb walls, bounce around, let their creative sides flow at crafts tables and more. For those who would like a cool drink during the afternoon, a beer garden awaits you, and settle in because live music serenades you all day! As evening turns darker, stop by any of the beverage stands for some cold lemonade. Bring a blanket or grab a chair and settle in for a live outdoor concert.

Last year, my husband and I volunteered to help support this event, as did many Ardmoreites. We watched kids playing and screaming, families wandering about enjoying their time, tasted some delicious food, and simply enjoyed the music of the hour as our day was filled with many talents taking the stage. Volunteers are always a welcome sight and this year is bigger and better than ever! So, please consider joining in the day as not only an attendee, but maybe take a chance, grab a friend, and contact Tim Longest who has taken on the daunting task of making sure anyone who wants to join in the fun has a spot to do so!

Fiesta is a yearly event that celebrates the diversity of our community. This event brings many people to our downtown area and community, and events like this, as they grow and develop, bring new opportunities for our community to create fun times for everyone to enjoy. These events also bring back some of yesteryear when we had block parties and dances, when communities came together to celebrate, where folks felt the hubof what makes a town a hometown.So countdown has begun! Each week I’ll feature a small snippet of Fiesta 2013…

See you soon….in our hometown!

To register for 5k--- visit

If you would like to sponsor Fiesta 2013, please contact pick up a sponsor packet at Ardmore Main Street.

Volunteers-please contact Tim Longest or stop by Ardmore Main Street for more information.