Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt on Thursday was a featured speaker on a Heritage Foundation panel titled, “The Last Stand: the Fight of State Attorneys General to Preserve Federalism.”

During the panel, General Pruitt discussed the state’s challenge of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act as an example of how state attorneys general are working to preserve the rule of law.

“The commitment of state attorneys general is to challenge the federal government when it exhibits behavior inconsistent with the rule of law,” Pruitt said. “The IRS is among the agencies acting beyond the authority given to it by Congress by finalizing a rule that will impose the ‘large employer’ mandate upon states with federally created exchanges – which contradicts the language of the Affordable Care Act. Congress gave states a choice in the establishment of health care exchanges and the IRS rule is an attempt to take that choice away. That is why I will continue to pursue this case in the courts and confront the administration at every turn when it seeks to overreach its authority and circumvent the law.”

The panel, moderated by journalist Fred Barnes, also featured Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt, Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange and South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson.