Curiosity tends to run rampant when a new business is taking up roots within the community. And as summer begins to give way to fall, several new businesses are expected to open soon.

Jessica Scott, Ardmore code enforcement, says there are a number of projects nearing completion, with others beginning to move dirt. Murphy Express service station on Commerce is one of those nearing completion, although there is no estimated completion date. Meanwhile, a major thoroughfare within the city — 12th Street NW — continues to see a lot of activity. Scott says Arby's has started construction across from Lowe's, while Aspen Dental, which is also located across from Lowe's, is nearly complete. She also says the Rib Crib is nearing completion.

"12th Street is a major thoroughfare leading to Interstate 35, and we can anticipate continued growth in that area," Scott says.

A need for more housing within Ardmore has been a need for some time, and a measure of relief can be expected. Scott says a local developer is planning on building more than 40 houses throughout the city. They are expected to be single-family houses.

"There has been a need for housing, and it is something we have been hoping for for quite some time," Scott says.

There is growth in other parts of Ardmore as Ernie's Meat Market is undergoing an expansion. Tim's Corner Grocery, owned by Tim McCullers, is nearly complete and will also include a liquor store.

Expansion is not limited to businesses and residential areas. Scott says a Pentecostal church is currently clearing ground on Rockford, and construction for the new Maxwell Street Church of Christ location on Merrick Circle is ongoing.