Ardmore police are looking for Darrin Lee, 24, and Everett Lofton, 27, in connection with a midnight shooting that left the victim hospitalized with two gunshot wounds.

Sgt. Ryan Hunnicutt, APD public information officer, said police were called to the local emergency room when the victim arrived at the medical facility seeking treatment for a gunshot wound to the upper arm and another to his upper chest.

The victim said he had gone to an Anderson Street residence to purchase marijuana. During the transaction one of two suspects "pulled a gun and demanded money," from the victim. During the robbery both suspects took stereo equipment from the victim's car. The victim was allegedly shot as he tried to flee.

Hunnicutt said earlier today the victim remains hospitalized. His condition was rated as stable.

Anyone with information concerning whereabouts of Lee or Lofton are urged to contact APD headquarters at (580) 223-1212.