In a recent survey 59 percent of the 1,000 American adults polled said they think the U.S. is more exceptional than other nations.

But 27 percent disagreed and 14 percent said they weren’t sure if the U.S. is more exceptional or not.

Thirty-three percent believe the United States will still be the most powerful nation in the world at the end of the 21st Century, but 3 percent think the United States will not be the world’s most powerful nation by then and 33 percent aren’t sure – these findings are consistent with surveying on this question since January 2009.

Only 18 percent have a favorable opinion of Putin, while 72 percent view him unfavorably, an 11-point jump from 61 percent in March.

The latest findings include 4 percent with a “very favorable” view of the Russian leader and 36 percent with a “very unfavorable” one.

Currently 31 percent gave the Obama administration good or excellent marks for its handling of the situation in Syria, while 43 percent rate the administration’s Syria response as poor, essentially unchanged from a week ago, prior to the president’s national address and the reaching of an international agreement.