Late last week, interim city manager Jack Yates told The Ardmoreite that the process of searching for a new city manager has begun again.

"The person we chose for the job had some problems selling his house and finding work for his wife, so they ended up not being able to come," he said. "So we're starting over."

Yates said they did not contact any of the other final candidates for the position.

Yates has been city manager for more than seven years, but said he is hoping to move into semi-retirement soon. He has been hired as the chief financial officer and special projects manager, which is a three-day-a-week position.

"I just want to slow down a little bit."

In late August, it looked as if Yates would get his wish of slowing down, but the applicant ultimately turned down the position and, thus, the search begins again.

Yates said Tishomingo is looking for someone who has worked in small towns before and has a broad, general knowledge of city government.

"Not just in finance or public works, but a good background in government is important," Yates said.

Some areas on which the city is focusing, though, are in the public works area and budget management.

"Our budget is tight, as are many communities, so we need someone who can work with me in balancing the budget and utilize our money wisely," Yates said. "We probably need someone with experience in public works, too. I feel like we need a little more expertise there."

Yates said when someone is eventually hired, he will work with them for a few weeks until they are acclimated to the environment, at which point, Yates will drop it down a gear and settle into his new position.

Originally, Yates said the city planned on having someone in place by Oct. 1. But since the search process has restarted, he hopes that by the end of October, Tishomingo will have a new city manager.