A shakeup could be looming on the horizon at Dickson Public Schools.

Tuesday afternoon, a fax was sent out for a special meeting in which board of education members would have met in executive session on a "proposed severance package from Superintendent Sherry Howe." The meeting was later canceled.

Howe said the meeting was canceled because of some mistakes on the agenda. One copy faxed had the meeting scheduled to start at 6 a.m. and another had the time at 6 p.m. The meeting had not been rescheduled as of Tuesday evening.

The meeting was scheduled in the midst of a criminal investigation involving allegations against a former teacher for providing alcohol to students. No connection with the investigation and meeting were made on the agenda. The investigation also involves allegations of sexual relations with students. Carter County Sheriff Ken Grace said department investigators have been in contact with District Attorney Craig Ladd regarding the allegations, and the investigation is ongoing.

"We are still interviewing," Grace said. "It seems like when we are getting close to completing the investigation, more complainants come forward. We want to be as thorough as we can be, especially when we have kids involved."