Patriotism took center stage as Oklahoma School for the Deaf celebrated Constitution Day.

In honor of the Constitution being signed on Sept. 17, 1787, schools are required to learn about the earliest days of our country.

The Ardmore Daughters of the American Revolution retired an American flag and state flag.

"The Ardmore Chapter DAR felt privileged school administrators invited us," said Lorna Holloway, Ardmore DAR Constitution Week chairperson. "It's a special day to share with students and their teachers."

Holloway also shared history about the flags and the original 13 colonies.

"I learned about the flag," said second-grader Zoey Chebultz.

Students were impressed with the ceremony.

"It was good because we burn the flag down to be respectful," said second-grader Christopher Coulston.

The retired flags had flown over the OSD campus.

"The flag was so old, so we had to burn it." said second-grader MaKenna Fleshman.

Afterwards, the student government showed a video they produced about the Preamble of the Constitution.

The students had staff member Sue Cole sign the words to the Preamble as graphics showed the phrases.

"They made it so they could understand in American Sign Language the Preamble to the Constitution. There are difficult words and deep, serious concepts to understand and they did it," said Candy Tumblson, student government advisor.

The student government members also presented the Bill of Rights in an on-stage presentation.

"They did really well even though they were nervous about signing their parts," Tumblson said.

"It was a fun and good experience," said Ty Brady, student government president.

Memorizing the Bill of Rights proved to be difficult for the students who spent their lunch perfecting their presentations.

"I knew some of them, but I had to learn them too," Brady said.