Everyone loves to get a good night’s rest. The whole next day seems to go better and attitude is more positive. The problem is there are many obstacles to obtaining peaceful rest at night, including a number of sleep disorders.

Everydayhealth.com offers a look this common condition that could keep you from being well rested:

Night terrors and sleepwalking are the only sleep disorders that are more common in children than grownups. Sleepwalkers get up and move around while not fully achieving a state of wakefulness. Night terrors are far more than nightmares, and result in crippling fear, a lot of sweating, and trembling – yet you won’t remember having a night terror like you might with a nightmare. Often a sufferer is inconsolable upon awakening, but does not know the reason why they are experiencing the extreme terror.

If this sounds like you, check with your doctor for some better sleep options.