The chair of the House States’ Rights Committee will be holding a study next month aimed at examining state sovereignty, federalism and the persistent attempts by the federal government to intrude into the rights of both Oklahoma and its citizens.

State Rep. Lewis Moore’s study is scheduled for October 30 at the state Capitol, and he said he has been working closely with Oklahoma’s U.S. senators, Oklahoma Congressman James Lankford, the offices of both the governor and the state attorney general, Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak, the Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives and members of the state Senate to coordinate a united front where state sovereignty is in jeopardy.

Moore said he hopes the study will be an opportunity to educate, inform and protect Oklahoma citizens and businesses against unconstitutional federal government intrusion. Moore also noted that he is preparing to introduce legislation during the 2014 legislative session that will be aimed at protecting the state.

“We plan to have the above officials or their representatives of many at the interim study to determine a united, coordinated response to unconstitutional federal government overreach,” said Moore, R-Arcadia. “One of the concerns addressed will be the Affordable Care Act and how role of our state Constitution and the 2010 referendum vote of the people of Oklahoma where almost 70 percent of the people of Oklahoma voted to protect our state from the damaging affects to our liberty and economy by the individual mandate provision of the Affordable Care Act.”

Moore said the constitutional amendment matters because, he believes, it should supersede any federal law to the contrary.

“Who has the final authority where there is a conflict between the state and federal government?,” asked Moore. “In short, the state is supreme where the U.S. Constitution does not give the power to the federal government.”

Moore said the meeting agenda should be posted to the House website within the next few weeks.