A recent survey of 1,000 Americans showed 40 percent think working somewhere other than their present company would offer better career opportunities.

Thirty-nine percent say staying with their current company offers them the better opportunity for career advancement, but 40 percent think going to work for someone else is a better career move. Workers have been closely divided on this question for the past several months, but the number who believe going elsewhere is the better option is at its highest point since May of last year.

However, only 24 percent said they are looking for work outside their current company, but 72 percent are not.

The number of employed adults looking for new jobs is down from 29 percent in August but remains above findings measured for most of the year.

Thirty nine percent of workers think their next job will be better than their current job, with 23 percent now saying their next job won’t be better, 19 percent plan on retiring after their current job and 19 percent are undecided.

Thirty-seven percent of workers expect to work for their current employer for more than five years, a finding that has held steady for the past several months but is noticeably lower than results found for most of 2012, while 27 percent think they’ll be with their current employer for five years or less.