Fire Prevention Month started out with a bang for the Ardmore Fire Department Thursday when it made an appearance at Will Rogers Elementary School.

The purpose of the visit was informative in nature, as children got a first-hand look at equipment and got to meet some of the firefighters. To be sure, there were some impressions made.

"I think about me being one 'cause I want to rescue everyone, the dogs and the cats," said Pre-K student Kayden Williams.

Williams, like other students, were duly impressed with the smoke, which was similar to what you would see at rock concerts. Classes were given a tour in groups through a fire prevention trailer, as well as a tour of a truck. Title-1 teacher Linda Hines said the training was an extension of lessons that take place within the classroom.

"The teachers have curriculum in their classrooms," she said. "They practice the fire drills and the kids are taught to stop, drop and roll and don't play with matches. They are also taught to plan an escape route at home.

"This teaches them to not be afraid of the firemen, because it can be scary for them. They are taught firemen are friendly."

One of the friendliest of firemen, Chief Cary Williamson, said the visits to the schools are important, not only for community youth, but for the department as well.

"We understand the importance of training our young people in fire safety, and hope it is something they will carry with them throughout the rest of their lives," Williamson said. "It is outstanding for us. It gives young people a chance to see firefighters are their friends and as community servants, we have a responsibility to do that."

Williamson said the department will visit area schools Tuesday through Thursday during October. Given the reaction of Pre-K student Jayla Robinson, area schoolchildren are in for a treat.

"[My favorite part was] going in the trailer; there was smoke and then coming out," she said. "The sirens were loud, real loud. I liked the firefighters and seeing things on the truck."