With a 4-0 vote, Larry Case was tabbed as the interim superintendent for Dickson Schools during a special school board meeting Friday morning. Case, who served as the principal of the upper elementary, will serve in the role of superintendent for the remainder of the school year. He takes over for Sherry Howe, who resigned as the school's superintendent Tuesday night during a special school board meeting.

"I think Larry's a good choice," Dickson school board president Kent Donica said. "He knows the people, and the people know him. I think Larry's the obvious choice. Issues aside, he is the obvious choice."

The issues revolve around a criminal investigation involving former teacher Stephanie Ringwald, who allegedly provided alcohol to students. Ringwald, who is the daughter of Howe, is also being investigated for allegedly having sexual relationships with students.

Donica said placing Case in the role of interim superintendent is a step forward for a school attempting to move forward in light of recent allegations.

"It's a big deal," he said. "I think it is critical for moving on and doing what we are supposed to do, which is focus on the kids."

Case said he was going to meet with administration Friday afternoon and looked forward to getting the school back on track.

"We are going to focus on the kids, educate them and love them," he said. "That is our message for the school year. Dickson has hard-working kids, and we have a hard-working staff. We are going to continue to work hard and we are going to focus on the kids."

Case said assignments would be determined after sitting down with administrators, as he will be moving from the upper elementary, but was confident everyone would do their part.

"I have no reservations this will work out successfully," he said. "I've had teachers say, 'I will do what I can to help,' and parents, too. Everyone is just willing to pitch in."

Donica said Case's compensation will be determined at the next school board meeting, as the board was focused on placing someone in the position Friday morning.

"We will discuss it at the next meeting," he said. "I'm sure the salary will be mutually agreeable."

Donica also said the board will look at all options at the end of the school year regarding filling the superintendent position on a permanent basis. And one of those options could include Case.

"This doesn't mean the end of the road," Donica said. "There is a possibility he can be the superintendent longer than the school year, and we are going to explore all options."

Details of the severance package the school board approved for Sherry Howe are available in the print version of The Ardmoreite.