The first nine weeks has ended, and Dickson Public Schools is looking forward to the second half of the semester.

Larry Case had his first school board meeting since being named interim superintendent Oct. 4.

"Everyone has come up and asked what they can do to help the kids. That's just Dickson," he said. "We're off to a great start. There will always be challenges to face, but with help, we will have a great year."

Case, the upper elementary principal, was named interim superintendent following the resignation of Sherry Howe.

"When I first took this, I said 'let's get to fall break.' Now we're here, and this is our plan," Case said.

The fluidity among the four schools that has always been a trademark within the system has been a great asset in getting everything done.

"Teachers are very professional, and everyone is so eager to help," Case said. "Parents and students should not notice a difference. We are here for the kids, preschool through 12th."

District administrators have met and planned for the second nine weeks.

David Gardner, assistant high school principal and athletic director, will help with administrative duties at the upper elementary as Case remains upper elementary principal and interim superintendent.

Rex Trent will remain the principal for the high school and middle school. At the middle school, Matt Krimmer and Jason Ward are assistant principals. They spend half a day doing administrative work and half a day teaching in a classroom.

"They've done an outstanding job at the middle school, and taken up a lot of slack," Case said.

According to Case, the focus right now is on finishing the semester. In the spring, the board will have further superintendent discussions.