Ardmore City Schools board of education Tuesday night tabled approving the Pride of Ardmore's out-of-state trip request to New York City.

The trip is scheduled for March 26-29, and includes seeing "Wicked" at the Gershwin Theatre, Central Park, Carnegie Hall, Radio City, Culinary Institute of America, the Statue of Liberty and the World Trade Center Memorial.

Planning for the New York trip began shortly after the band returned from Chicago in March 2012 as part of a department goal to offer fine arts trips every two years.

Vice president Lucinda Hull made a motion to table the issue. The motion carried in a 4-0 vote. Member Scott Carpenter was absent from the meeting.

"There was a lack of documentation for the presentation," said board president Willie Tiller. "We didn't receive a complete packet for approval."

The board packet, information given to board members and The Ardmoreite prior to the meeting, included the district's "Request for an Out-of-State Trip" form filled out for this trip. It was signed by Chauvin Aaron as sponsor and Kim Holland as principal. The lines for superintendent approval and board of education approval were still blank.

During the meeting, Aaron passed out a trip itinerary, trip expenses list (both per person and total) and a roster of students and sponsors who would be attending. Also handed out was the flyer from the Pride Resource Campaign that began in August to fund band activities, such as this trip, and the list of sponsors the campaign has garnered so far.

The electronic agenda for the meeting indicated a recommended motion of approving the trip.

However, during discussion of the trip during the meeting, superintendent Sonny Bates expressed that he did not recommend it.

Calling himself a "frugal financial thinker," Bates told the board, "There is a time for trips, but I don't think this is the time or moment for this trip."

After the meeting, he elaborated.

"It needs further discussion. Chauvin and I will sit down and talk about the trip, maybe some options, clarifications," Bates said.

Since the issue was tabled, it will be brought up to the board again.

"It will be back next month, and we will go from there," Tiller said.

In other board business, the bids for 19 parts of the Jefferson addition project were approved, with the board selecting the "lowest and most responsible."

Three parts received no bids, but have since been awarded to Trigon General Contractors and Construction Managers. They did not have to be rebid because they are less than $50,000.

The floor coverings part also received no bids, but since it was more than $50,000, it will be rebid with a new deadline of Oct. 31.

"It's a big list, and we're excited to be getting work done," Tiller said. "Everything is on schedule, other than the two-day rain delay."

Certified hires were Barbara Goodman as Oklahoma Parents As Teachers parent coordinator, and Rebecca Hoster as high school English teacher.

Non-certified hires were Donnell Cox as special education bus driver, Mary Denner as Will Rogers paraprofessional, and Jessica Rivera and Yajaira Rivera as English language learners tutors.

Resignations noted were Kirk Blancett, Adam Epperson, Tommy Hammons, Ellen Harris and Kimberly Lemons.