Former Dickson teacher Stephenie Ringwald was released on an OR (personal recognizance) bond in her initial court appearance Thursday afternoon in Murray County District Court.

Two felony charges of rape 2nd degree and two felony charges of forcible sodomy were filed against Ringwald Tuesday. There is also the possibility of additional charges in both Carter and Love counties against the embattled former teacher who resigned her teaching position earlier this year.

Ringwald is the daughter of former superintendent Sherry Howe, who resigned her position with Dickson Public Schools in the midst of a public outcry against both her and her daughter.

District Attorney Craig Ladd said Ringwald has retained counsel (Charles Milor) and has been fairly cooperative throughout the investigation, which was initiated by the Carter County Sheriff's Department following complaints made against her by the parents of students at Dickson Public Schools. Ladd said Ringwald "has also shown no indication of being a flight risk, which is what bond is all about."

A preliminary hearing conference is slated for 9 a.m. Nov. 12 at which time it will be determined if a preliminary hearing will take place.