Forty-three percent of 1,000 American voters, who participated in a recent independent public opinion survey, said they know someone who joined the military to get a job.

Forty-three percent is up four points since the question was asked in January 2012. of American

Just 31 percent, however, rate the level of government benefits for military veterans as good or excellent while 24 percent rate those benefits as poor.

The number who give veterans benefits positive marks is down from 38 percent in early 2012, while the number who rate the level of benefits as poor is up eight points since that time.

55 percent believe veterans should receive preferential treatment when applying for a job, showing little change from the previous survey, but 27 percent oppose giving veterans special treatment and 19 percent are undecided.

64 percent still say that military service is good for young people, but 15 percent disagree and 22 percent are undecided.

Most young adults agree that service is good for their cohort, but they are less enthusiastic about it than their elders are.