More than 50 percent of the 1,000 likely American voters, who participated in a recent independent public opinion survey, said they believe U.S. society is fair.

Poll results included:

58 percent now consider American society generally fair and decent, in line with July’s numbers and up only slightly from a recent low of 55 percent in August of last year, but 32 percent think American society is generally unfair and discriminatory, unchanged from the previous survey which marked the highest negative view since late July 2007.

In regular surveying since November 2006, anywhere from 54 percent to 74 percent of voters have shared the belief that society in America is fair and decent, although that figure has run in the 60s for most of that time.

In that same period, 17 percent to 33 percent have held the perception that U.S. society is unfair and discriminatory.

70 percent feel that when people move to this country from other parts of the world they should adopt America’s culture, language and heritage, down slightly from a record high of 75 percent in July, but 15 percent believe new immigrants should maintain the culture, language and heritage of their home country instead, consistent with findings for the past couple years.