Rather than test its storm sirens weekly, the city of Ardmore will test them at noon on the fourth Friday of each month.

Amber Wilson, city emergency management coordinator, said the weekly tests are not necessary because of technological advances within the system.

"We updated the system 10 years ago, and we really don't have to test the sirens," Wilson said. "We have a computer program connected to the sirens, and if there was something wrong with the siren, the computer would let us know. I would then send someone out to fix it. But for the public's sake, we want to assure them that it is working with a test once a month."

Wilson said the only time a test would not be conducted would be in case of inclement weather.

"We don't want to unnecessarily alarm the public with a test," she said.

The decision to test the sirens once a month is becoming common practice in other communities, Wilson said, citing Durant as an example.