According to some “experts”, who know nothing about firearms, the rifle pictured above is not good for anything except killing people. Aw yes,  the AR-15, the assault  rifle whose sole purpose is to spew out a huge number of bullets in as quick a manner as possible and is highly inaccurate at any distance over 100 yards. Of course these “experts” have certainly never been in the military and had the opportunity to shoot the M16 which is the fully automatic version of the Ar15.  There is absolutely no reason to own a firearm such as this, they will assure you.

 I have a fellow classmate, Steve Wells, who now lives in Wyoming. Steve is an avid hunter. Someone forgot to tell him about all the negative aspects of this gun. If they had taken the time to explain all of this about the firearm to him ahead of time,  I’m sure he would have never been able to hit that antelope last week from a quarter of a mile away, since it is so inaccurate and not suitable for hunting. Well, I’m exaggerating. It was 40 yards short of a quarter mile. He sure couldn’t have been able to hit a prairie dog at five hundred yards in September if he had known about the incompatibility with making long distance shots.

Some readers were possibly repulsed at the image of “Bambi”, the antelope, being shot, but have no qualms about eating a nice medium rare slice off of Elsie the cow. I never have understood that one. I know even more shuddered at the thought of the cute Prairie  Dog meeting his demise, which just tells me that you have never been a rancher in an area that has a problem with these critters. On a website that promotes humane and safe, live trapping, I found the following information. The dietary overlap of livestock and prairie dogs ranges from 64-90%. The cute little creatures increase erosion, are a potential threat to livestock, machinery, horses with riders. In addition they can carry the plague and their dens are home to Black Widow spiders and rattlesnakes.

I digress. The problem is those dangerous black assault guns. Most anti-gun proponents will point out that there is absolutely no need for any gun to hold more than X number of shots. These people don’t know how quick it is to reload a magazine into a semi-automatic firearm, or for that matter how quick you can reload a six shot revolver using what is know as a speed-loader. For the record, at least one man can fire six shots, reload and fire six more shots in 2.9 seconds, as seen on YouTube.  The people that say there is absolutely no need to own a firearm such as this evil black monster, point out that my friend Steve could have just as easily taken his antelope with a bolt-action rifle and indeed he has the last fifteen years, however Steve tells me he doesn’t think the animals know the difference. These same people however have apparently never been on a ranch right here in Southern Oklahoma and seen the devastation wild hogs can do and have never come upon a herd of them. If they had, they would know just exactly why a rancher would need a gun capable of shooting a large number of bullets as quickly as possible.

Multiple murders have been committed by evil or mentally ill people since the beginning of time. A dangerous black “assault” weapon wasn’t required then and it isn’t required now. All it takes is someone intent on taking lives.