Take Two students were dared to be drug free as they celebrated National Red Ribbon Week.

The national event focuses on encouraging students to commit to living life without drugs.

At Take Two Academy, activities followed the theme of "Dare to Commit — Venture Towards Excellence," which means the focus was on alternative activities students can do that are not using drugs.

"It's good to have awareness. You never know what some of them will pick up," said teacher Kevin Gill.

Things kicked off Tuesday with a scavenger hunt.

"The scavenger hunt was better than work. I liked going around the school," said eighth-grader Logan Turner.

Other activities included an all-school cookout lunch, a visit from military personnel, karaoke, volleyball and watching the movie "Pay It Forward."

"We want students to learn they can be involved in things that are positive. They can participate in the community instead of going down the wrong road," said counselor Kenna Owens.

However, some of the activities were not received well by students who would prefer a focus on the consequences of drug abuse.

"All we do is wear ribbons," said ninth-grader Tyler Harris. "We've basically been goofing off and having a good time. I'm going to be drug free, but I don't think this was very effective."

A speaker from the Ardmore Family Shelter used statistics as the basis of discussion, which students found ineffective.

Students suggested that an approach featuring people who have been directly affected by drug use would have been preferred and should be considered for next year.

"Kids need hands-on experience. They need to bring a person who has used drugs or a video tape of it. We need to see it in action," Harris said.

Some who have already committed to being drug free have done so because they know people who have used drugs.

"This week, we got to roam around and talk to people," said eighth-grader Amber Haiakanubbi. "My brother used to use drugs, so I don't use drugs."