In a recent independent public opinion survey, 45 percent say they might buy from a consignment store.

Results from the survey, conducted with 1,000 American adults, showed:

45 percent said they are at least somewhat likely to buy things from a consignment store, including 20 percent who are very likely to do so, while 52 percent are unlikely to shop at these stories, with 15 percent who say it’s not at all likely.

29 percent are more likely to shop consignment in recent years due to the struggling economy.

48 percent of those who go to consignment stores are most likely to buy clothes there, while 34 percent are most likely to buy something that’s a good deal, 7 percent shop there chiefly for home decorations, 5 percent look primarily for toys, 2 percent for shoes and 1 percent are most likely to buy something else.

6 percent of adults typically sell clothes they no longer want to a consignment store, while 73 percent donate unwanted clothes to charity, 15 percent give them to friends or family, 4 percent throw them out and 2 percent do something else with them.

Among those who typically donate their old clothes, 43 percent use it as a tax write-off.