Plainview running back Austin Carrera put on a show for the home crowd Friday in the Indians' 70-6 win over Dickson. Carrera racked up 222 yards on 18 carries for five touchdowns. The senior's best game of the season, prior to Dickson, came in Week 5 against Sulphur. Carrera had 193 yards on 23 carries and five touchdowns that night. But, don't ask Carrera which game was his best. He doesn't keep track. “I don't know,” Carrera said. “I honestly don't keep track of how many I score and stuff like that.” On Carrera's second touchdown of the game, an 80-yard run, he was led by a wall of blocks to the home sideline that occupied every Comet defender in its path. The senior gave his teammates all the credit. “It's really just the line, they did great (Friday),” Carrera said. “Them and the blockers that I have. The other backs and receivers, they made the holes for me to run through.” Plainview coach Chris Berus said Carrera's unselfish approach is shared by the rest of the Indians. “All he cares about is what we've got going on right now,” Berus said. “Him and everybody else in this group.” With two regular season games to play, Carrera has 1,195 yards on 124 carries for 25 touchdowns. Carrerra has seven receptions for 63 yards and a touchdown along with one completion for 31 yards and a touchdown. A successful running back may tell you he doesn't count touchdowns or yards, but college recruiting is usually a constant concern. Not in Carrera's case. “We've got some talented young men,” Berus said. “We've got some seniors that I believe have a chance to go play at the collegiate level, at a high level. But, all those kids are worried about is what we're going to do this season. If we take care of those things, all that other stuff will take care of itself.” Berus said his team enjoys the process of preparing for games, and understands the effort needed to get results on Friday night. “We make sure to take care of ourselves, make sure we're doing the right thing,” Carrera said. “It's been exciting so far, things have been going good for us. Coach has been putting us through workouts to get things done. It's been going good, and I thank God for everything.” The Indians' team chemistry this season can be traced back as far as the third grade for some in the Class of 2014. “All of us as seniors have been together since the fourth or fifth grade, some from the third grade,” Carrera said. “The relationships between all the players has been really good this year.” Berus agreed and said the strong relationships and mutual respect among the players have made it easier to step into leadership roles that they might shy away from in other situations. “The core of those kids have been in school together since before I was here,” Berus said. “There is a lot of cohesiveness, unity, or whatever you want to call it, with those kids. It carries over to their leadership they provide our team. What's so great is they set the expectation and the standard for the classes following them.”