In a recent independent public opinion survey showed and even for and against split when it comes to gay marriage.

Results from the survey, conducted with 1,000 likely American votes, showed: 44 percent favored gay marriage, 44 percent opposed it and 12 percent were undecided.

More results:

48 percent consider marriage to be more of a religious institution, while 45 percent regard marriage more as a civil institution.

35 percent believe laws governing marriage should be established by the federal government, but 38 percent say state governments should set marriage laws, 7 percent think it’s a local responsibility and a sizable 19 percent are not sure.

71 percent of voters who view marriage primarily as a religious institution oppose gay marriage, while 74 percent of those who regard it mostly as a civil institution are in favor of gay marriage.

Similarly, most voters who think the federal government should establish the laws governing marriage favor gay marriage.

Most of those who see those laws as a state or local responsibility oppose gay marriage.