The city of Ardmore has extended its deadline to receive applications for the position of executive director at the HFV Wilson Community Center.

Kevin Boatright, Ardmore Parks and Recreation director, says applications will be accepted through Friday in an effort to bolster the applicant pool. The city has received less than 10 applications.

"I would like to see as many applicants as possible to have a greater pool to choose from," Boatright says. "People can come in and get an application from the human resources department. We would like to have someone in place by the end of the year."

Former executive director Kurt Lemley was fired on Aug. 20 following allegations of embezzlement. He has been charged in district court with six counts of embezzlement stemming from misuse of a credit card.

Alicia Gilmartin, program director at the center, and Teresa Ervin, assistant director for the Parks and Recreation Department, have been taking care of operations in the wake of Lemley's firing.

"It's going well," Boatright acknowledges. "We are still taking care of daily tasks and the operations of the center."

None of the applicants have been interviewed. Boatright says once the application process is complete, they will look at the pool of applicants and narrow it down to the most qualified people to be interviewed.