With mid-term elections around the corner, there appears to be conflict within the Republican Party nationally. The fissure is with different groups within the party representing the traditional moderate views of the party, along with Tea Party members and Libertarians.

The sample size is also relevant locally within the Carter County Republican Party. Chairman Anna Flatt has been in the office since February, and is hopeful the party can unite on the national level and come together in time to maintain its majority in the House and gain ground in the Senate.

"We are trying to find a common ground with all the different philosophies," she says. "I think the problem is coming from within the party. It is right to work to find common ground. The problem we are having is Republicans are reaching across the aisle to work with Democrats that are against conservative principals. You want to find common ground, but you don't want to sacrifice your principals to do that.

"If we could unite, it could be our greatest strength. Our numbers are much bigger united. I don't think the party will split because the overall principal of the party's belief is that the government is too big and too much. That is the common thread, and we can unite around that."

Representing the Carter County Republican Party has been a learning experience as Flatt says she has grown into the leadership position.

"It is as big a responsibility as you want it to be," Flatt concedes. "I have thicker skin and I'm doing better at public speaking and communicating effectively."

The party has purchased a building for its headquarters, and is looking forward to upcoming elections in 2014, both on the local level and the national level. And Flatt is hopeful leadership will move forward with the best interests of the party at heart.

"We need leaders with the courage it takes to do the right thing," she said. "Even if it means not getting re-elected. Even if it means your friends in Washington and your favorite lobbyists don't get bailouts and special privileges."