With one final push left, the United Way of South Central Oklahoma is on track to reach its 2013 fundraising goal.

The fourth report meeting revealed the campaign has raised $733,717, which is 86 percent of its goal.

"We still have a long ways to go, but we are on target," said drive chair Sara Donaho-Jones.

Attendees donned sombreros for the Tuesday meeting, which had a fiesta theme. The drive chairs showed an inspiring scene from the movie "Three Amigos," where the title characters perform the song "My Little Buttercup."

"You are all our little buttercups," Donaho-Jones said.

However, some areas of the campaign have fallen behind their usual support.

"We are lagging in Marshall and Murray counties," said Toby Scott, drive chair-elect. "What we are hearing is that they believe the United Way doesn't help them. We ask everyone to be ambassadors and let them know their support is greatly needed."

UWSCO serves Carter, Johnston, Love, Marshall and Murray counties.

Of the 33 United Way agencies, many are based in Ardmore but serve the larger, multi-county area.

"They can't have an office in every county, so Ardmore is a hub for serving everyone," Donaho-Jones said.

Agencies that serve residents in all the counties include Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma, Arbuckle Area Boy Scouts, Camp Fire USA, Southern Oklahoma Rural Transportation System, C/SARA Foundation, Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma and the American Red Cross.

Based outside of Carter County are Madill Community Day Care Center, Counseling Inc. in Tishomingo, Johnston County EMS and RSVP-INCA Community Services.

The final meeting will be Tuesday at Noble Pavilion. The theme is tailgating, so attendees are encouraged to wear apparel for their favorite sports team.