The Marietta Police Department has forwarded to the District Attorney the report of an injury sustained by an infant at Little Buckaroos Day Care and Preschool.

The incident took place Oct. 29. A woman picked up her 4-month-old child at the day care and took it to the Marietta Memorial Hospital for cuts and abrasions on its face. The police were informed of the incident after the child was taken to the hospital.

Chief Dustin Scott said a number of people were interviewed during the investigation, and evidence was gathered. He also said nothing within the investigation indicated that the injury was caused by someone other than a 2-year-old child. The report was also forwarded to determine if the children were improperly supervised. Scott said the investigation revealed the children were unsupervised for only a couple of minutes, at which time the attack took place.

Chief Dustin Scott also said the Department of Human Services will determine if a policy violation took place in the supervision of the children.