For regional shoppers, Christmas in the Barn has developed into a “cir­cle the calendar” event. A holi­day market offering a unique Christmas shopping experi­ence, Christmas in the Barn will take place from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Friday and Saturday. It is located in Enville, 10 miles east of Marietta on State High­way 32 at 3015 Enville Road, at the home of designers Don Minyard and Lee Totzke.

Maria Wilkinson, owner of Maria’s Garden participated in the e vent for the first time in 2012 and is excited about the opportunity to do so again this year.

“I was blown away by the crowds and how much fun it is,” she said. “The crowds are pleasant and there is an at­mosphere of friendliness and camaraderie.” Wilkinson said groups bus into the event from as far away as Edmond and Tyler, Texas and people have flown in by private plane to shop at the event.

"There are maybe 10 to 12 vendors," Wilkinson said. "They are very selective about who they invite.

"By the sheer numbers and the sheer fun of it all, it's the most fun of the all the shows we have been to. It's just a neat community event." The event has also been beneficial to the community. The Enville community ladies host the food tent, which offers a piece of homemade pie or a complete luncheon. The group raised $8,600 last year, which helped furnish the community center from carpeting to plumbing. The Lebanon Ladies Quilting Group sold tickets for a homemade quilt and used the proceeds to benefit the Lebanon Community Center and the volunteer fire department.

The event also serves as a charitable event. Admission is free but shoppers are requested to bring two non-perishable items for the Ardmore Loaves and Fishes Food Bank. "We asked everyone to bring at least two cans but most are bringing a grocery bag full. Last year, they brought enough to fill a 20-foot trailer with food. Those that forget their food willingly gave cash donations. It is very humbling." And there is also the merchandise for which the event would not be possible. Crowds of shoppers annually flock to Christmas in the Barn to find those unique, prize possessions, which help accentuate the holiday season. And to ensure quality merchandise, the handpicked vendors come from throughout the Texoma region.

Both Minyard and Latzke have a booth at the Canton Market from which they have developed a large following.

"We have always been known for our quality work and merchandise," Minyard said. "When we hand selected our vendors, we invited those with the same values. We want to keep the market small, but the quality high.

"Our dear friends Kathy and Donnie Gross of Woodhenge in Austin, Texas, have been with us every year. Their handmade wood, metal and glass items thrill customers every year. Some of their pieces now grace the houses of the stars in Hollywood. Kathy is introducing several new pieces to her jewelry collection this year." Information can be found on Facebook at Christmas in the Barn.