In a recent pubic opinion poll of 1,0000 American adults 74 percent favored an audit of the Federal Reserve and making the results public, but 10 percent opposed an audit and 16 percent said they weren’t sure.

Here’s what else the poll showed:

The high level of support for an audit of the nation’s central bank hasn’t changed in regular surveys since July 2009.

Just 34 percent now have at least a somewhat favorable opinion of the Federal Reserve, including 7 percent with a Very Favorable opinion. While 50 percent view the Fed unfavorably, including 21 percent with a Very Unfavorable view.

42 percent of voters held a favorable opinion of the Fed in mid-September, up from a low of 34 percent in October 2011.

38 percent believe the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board has too much power over the economy, a figure that’s been easing down from a high of 46 percent in June 2009, while 6 percent think the Fed chairman doesn’t have enough power, 31 percent feel the chairman’s level of power is about right and 25 percent are not sure.