DAVIS — The Davis Oklahoma Animal Volunteers spayed, neutered and vaccinated 51 animals at is clinic Nov. 9. The spay and neuter clinics are for families earning less then $40,000 a year.

Dr. Terry Yunker, Registered Vet Tech Leanne Corbin and surgical assistants Carla Holtzman and Arlene Buchanan treated the animals. The 29 cats and 22 dogs treated brought the number of animals treated in DOAV clinics to 2,827.

Aimee Hughes, Anna and Garrett Olney, Morgan Bobo, Tracy Rhue, Sydney Huber, Samantha Huber, Stacy Persinger, Ben and Audrey Ridlehoover volunteered at the clinic. G. Bryant, Linda and Richard Beavert volunteered their time at the DOAV thrift store Saturday.

The pets came from throughout the area with 26 from Sulphur, nine from Ross, six from Mill Creek and four from Davis. Pets from Dougherty, Stratford, Hennepin and Wilson were also treated at the clinic.

"The pet owner are to be commended for being responsible enough to make an effort to properly care for their pets and doing their part in lowering the pet overpopulation problem in Oklahoma," Audrey Ridlehoover said.

DOAV is raising funds through a variety of means including recycling aluminum cans and used ink cartridges and used cell phones. More information regarding the activities of DOAV can be accessed at its website www.davisanimals.com. DOAV also thanks Richard and Sharon Chadwick and family for establishing a memorial fund in memorial of their daughter Alesha Chadwick Henley to complete the cattery at the DOAV Animal Shelter.