DICKSON — Jennifer Ellis is heading up a petition effort to have the State Auditor and Inspectors Office come to Dickson Public Schools, based on information she received from "concerned citizens."

"After speaking to several members of the community, I made a phone call and requested the audit," Ellis said.

An audit would cost $20,000 to $30,000, to be paid for by the district.

A total of 339 signatures are needed by Dec. 6 to call for the audit. Over 200 signatures have been gathered.

"We are trying to keep this on a positive note. We are doing it for our own piece of mind," Ellis said.

Ellis did not mention any specific incidents she had direct knowledge of, but referred to incidents from "concerned citizens." Issues she claimed included an unidentified person asking the interim superintendent for an audit and being told "no," and a second unidentified person asking unidentified school board members for an audit and also being told "no."

"I'm just getting information from concerned citizens. All information goes through me," she said. "I have teachers, and I have principals, but they don't want anything to go through them. Everything is filtered through me."

However, Interim Superintendent Larry Case denies a conversation taking place with Ellis or with anyone else about having an audit by the State Auditor.

"It confused me because I've never spoken to anyone about an audit," Case said. "I know we (the district) have an audit every year. As far as I know, it's always gone well."

Case, who took the helm in October after the resignation of Superintendent Sherry Howe, supports what the citizens are doing.

"People have concerns while the school is in transition, and that's their right," Case said. "If citizens feel like it needs to happen, then I'm all for it."