Members of the Friday Morning Coffee Club and community volunteers joined Sunday for a community workday.

The project consisted of painting boarded up windows at a downtown building located at 101 W. Main St. Eight people participated in the project.

The coffee club has developed the Downtown Window Project, which has a goal of improving the condition of windows throughout the downtown area.

"The missing, broken or boarded-over windows downtown can make an area look neglected," said Julie Aultman, Friday Morning Coffee Club member. "It's important to keep out the rain so that historic buildings can be preserved. Ardmore has such a rich history and we don't want to lose any of it to the elements. We want to show everyone we're proud of our town and its historic buildings."

The project consists of three phases — repainting the plywood coverings, which is a temporary measure, but a low-cost way of improving the area until property owners can afford to replace the windows. The second phase is replacing broken or missing plywood coverings over missing and broken windows. The final phase is working with property owners to develop a plan for replacing broken and missing windows.

Email for information on how to volunteer or donate to the project.