The city of Ardmore's decision to implement online billing has proven to be a successful program since its inception July 1. Sissy Burge, customer service supervisor, says the city now has 2,060 customers paying their bills online.

"During the first week, we only had a couple hundred," Burge said. "We have over 2,000 and continue to have people sign up."

Burge reports 111 customers have signed up during the month of November, and 150 signed up in October.

"More than anything else, the word is getting out to people who are comfortable paying their bills online," Burge says. "We still get some calls from people wanting to pay their bill over the phone, but it happens less and less."

The success of the program has reduced the workload for the billing department. As a result, one employee is now shared between the water billing department and the finance department. Burge says the set-up is informal and is based on need, which determines where the employee is used during the workday. Burge says the next goal of the city is to get an email project squared away in which bills will be emailed rather than mailed. The city's cost to mail out bills at bulk rates comes to $9,517 a month. By meeting new requirements and procedures, Burge says the city is able to save $1,050.

Overall, City Manager J.D. Spohn says he is pleased with the impact of online bill paying and the savings for the city.

"I think the citizens have about wanting the online bill and it has paid off for both the city and the citizens," he says.