"Angels Sing" is a film practically made for a city like Ardmore. The story, according to producers Shannon McIntosh and Elizabeth Avellan, is one of family values, love and important traditions in a small city setting.

"The movie is based on the book 'When Angels Sing' written by a dear friend of mine," Avellan said. "It talks about community and faith between parents, grandparents and children and it's just a really rich story about family and tradition during the holidays."

The film made its Oklahoma debut Saturday to a couple hundred Ardmoreites at The Goddard Center and delivered every bit of what producers said it would.

The film stars Harry Connick, Jr. Connie Britton, Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and a long list of "who's who" in the entertainment industry.

"I wanted to work with Willie and he has a lot of friends," Avellon said. "It just went 'boom, boom, boom' with people signing on and we got an amazing cast."

In addition to bringing new film culture to Ardmore, Saturday's screening also served as a fundraiser for the Chickasaw Regional (Public) Library System headquarters. Proceeds and donations will go toward a renovation of the library, estimated to cost around $470,000. Approximately 200 tickets were sold for the screening.

"We wanted to help the library continue to do what it does with outreach programs and to keep producing smart kids for our future," McIntosh said.

And it's no coincidence the film found it's way to Ardmore. Shannon happens to be the daughter of CRLS director Lynn McIntosh. Lynn happened to see a screening of the film and asked Shannon if they might be willing to have a special screening event in Ardmore. After talking with Avellan, they agreed to bring the film to Ardmore.

"My last four children are home schooled and all I want them to do is love to read," Avellan said. "They are readers now, they love books and we go to the libraries to get them and I feel like it's important for kids to know how to do that.

"We're seeing a resurgence in kids wanting to read the physical books at libraries, check them out and I feel that's important to keep in communities. So this cause was very close to home for me in that regard."

"I was so happy they decided to do this and the movie is so good, it has such a great message," Lynn said. "I'm very happy we could bring this to Ardmore."

"Angels Sing"is now availble on video-on-demand, and will come to DVD Dec. 10