I read an article recently that Oklahoma insurance agents are deluged with calls after an earthquake. The reason people are calling is not to turn in claims, but they are wondering if they buy earthquake insurance, would their loss be covered. What? Do agents get these same calls after a tornado, fire or if a tree falls through their roof? I can just imagine a call to Anytown, Oklahoma:

William: Hello Acme Insurance. This is William.

Bubba: Hey, Billy this Bubba.

William: Hey, Bubba,  Darlene and I were just talking about you and Peggy Sue. We haven’t seen you guys in years. How you been?

Bubba: Well, not good. Look I’ll get straight to the point. Peggy Sue wadn’t watchin the Meth on the stove last night and darn near burnt up the whole kitchen and half the trailer house and we need some insurance to cover it.


William: Uh, Bubba that isn’t the way insurance works.

Bubba: Whadda you mean?

William; You have to buy the insurance before the incident.

Bubba: It wad’nt an incident it was an accident.

William: Yeah, same thing. The insurance company calls an incident an accident.

Bubba:  Thas dumb! Anyway, if we hadda known we was gonna have an accident we woulda been more careful and wouldn’t need no insurance.

William: Well, Bubba, I’m real sorry, but I don’t think that there’s anything that I can do.

Bubba: Come on, man, we’ve known each other for over forty years. We was on the same football team that won state!  I was the one that set you up with that cheerleader from Ardmore.

William: Hey, look Bubba, I’m real busy. I gotta go. I will check into it, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

Bubba: Well, Mr. High and Mighty Insurance Man, “William”, that used to be Billy. I wouldn’t hold my breath if I was you, on me not talking about that cheerleader, neither  when we see you guys at the Christmas fund raiser.

 Man, she sure has a body, still.  I think I just saw in the paper where she just got a divorce. I think you and Darlene had already started dating when you went out with her.  Say, is Darlene still as jealous as she used to be?

(long pause)

William: Hey, now look, Bubba, I didn’t say there wasn’t anything I could do, but it may take a while and I may have to get a little creative on writing a policy, you know. I can probably get you some money.

Bubba: Thanks, Buddy. You’re a true friend. Go, Bulldogs!!!