The Ardmore Tourism Authority felt like it hit the jackpot when it procured the services of Linda Dixon to serve as the manager of the Ardmore Convention Center.

Dixon, a native of Texas, formerly served as the manager of the Plano Centre, a full service convention located in Plano, Texas. She does have ties to Oklahoma as her husband BJ is a native of Healdton. The two plan to reside in Healdton at a family farm.

"My husband's family farm is at Healdton and he is ready to retire and move out to the farm," Dixon said. "I saw this as an opportunity.

"I have a vision for the convention center. This is a beautiful facility in a wonderful town with a lot of attractions. We can get the word out to area and let them know what we have to offer."

Dixon began work at the convention center last week was introduced to the ATA during its meeting Thursday. A reception was held in Dixon's honor following the meeting. She has over 30 years of experience in facility management along with extensive training in emergency management, crowd safety and security as well as marketing and sales.

"Linda is a welcome addition to our convention center staff," Mita Bates, ATA president, said. "Her expertise and experience in facility management will elevate the Ardmore Convention Center to a new level of excellence. We are pleased to have Linda on our team and welcome she and her family to southern Oklahoma."

Dixon earned her degree in recreation management at Texas Tech University. She and her husband BJ have three children and two grandchildren. Their youngest son Jess is scheduled to graduate from the University of Oklahoma this month. Dixon said she is currently getting acclimated as she plans to move forward in her new position as the convention center as well as making her way around town.

"I am still getting my feet underneath me," she said. "The staff does a great job. They do so many things right there is very little I need to change. We are just going to look at ways to promote our facility.

"I have never been anywhere as friendly. At the grocery store and at the gas station, people are so friendly. People in Texas are friendly, but it's nice to be in a small town."