While schools will remain closed today, Ardmore City Hall will reopen its doors to the public following last week's winter storm.

City Manager J.D. Spohn said the city was fortunate in that the majority of precipitation was sleet and snow rather than the ice that found its way further east.

"I don't think it has any huge impact other than a lot of places were closed. Other than that, I think we made it through this pretty well," he said.

Spohn said sanitation crews would be at work today, although later than normal. The sanitation department will pick up Friday's route today and will pick up the Monday route on Tuesday. The final adjustment will be to pick up Tuesday's route Wednesday, at which point the department plans to be back on schedule. Operation Pride will be open and the commercial sanitation pick-ups will also be performed on schedule. Section 7 Southeast is the scheduled zone for Operation Pride this week.

Don Olive, Ardmore Street Department superintendent, said the sunshine Sunday was a big help to the crew but expected the streets to be bad this morning after the freezing temperatures Sunday evening.

"A lot of the secondary streets are still packed with snow," Olive said. "The state did help with Commerce and State Highway 142, which helped a bunch. I think we are starting to see the end of it. We just need to see more sun."

Olive said the department continues to work in 12-hour shifts and is hopeful it can be scaled back tonight. The city entered the storm with 250 tons of sand and at least 75 percent of that sand has been used.

"It will show up when it melts," he said. "It will be everywhere."

Carter County District 3 Commissioner Joe David McReynolds said his crews have been out everyday, putting in full days.

"We have not been out in the dark unless there has been an emergency," McReynolds said. "But we have been putting in full days. We were out until 10 p.m. Saturday night. The sun has helped in the daytime, but it hurts during the nighttime when it freezes and leaves a glaze."

McReynolds said as far as he knew, the Carter County Courthouse would be open today.