With final touches added before the extended weekend, Dickson High School Student Council has decked the halls.

Each member decorated a classroom door in honor of the Christmas holidays.

“It’s really interesting. It keeps the school looking cute and puts us in the Christ­mas spirit,” said senior Sierra Morse.

Morse decorated senior English teacher Laura Cot­trell’s door as a giant present with a big homemade bow.

“I just thought a present would be cute and easy. I got the bow off of Pinterest,” she says.

Freshman Jenna Elmer decorated her mother’s door, math teacher Rebecca Welch.

The design featured a tri­angular tree with circular or­naments topped with the pi symbol.

Inspired by a neighboring door featuring the Grinch in a Comets jersey, Elmer added a word problem about how many presents Cindy Lou had left after a robbery by the Grinch.

"I also added lots of pink and sparkles because my mom likes pink and I like sparkles," Elmer says.