A recent independent survey of 1,000 American adults shows 67 percent believe Christmas should be more about Jesus and less about Santa Claus.

Here’s what else the poll showed:

Just 17 percent believe the holiday should be more about the jolly fat man in red and another 17 percent were undecided about what the focus of the holiday. The overall results were showed a slightly less emphasis on Jesus than was found last year when 76 percent said Christmas should be more about the man Christians believe to be the son of God who was born on what became Christmas Day and support for Santa was about the same at 14 percent.

85 percent will be celebrating Christmas this holiday season, while 3 percent will be celebrating Hanukkah, 4 percent will celebrate Winter Solstice or Yule, 2 percent will recognize some other religious observance this time of year, 1 percent will celebrate a personal milestone of some kind and 4 percent won’t be celebrating anything.

Among those celebrating Christmas, 70 percent consider it more about Jesus.

77 percent those who think Christmas should be celebrated in public schools say the holiday is more about Jesus.