United States military personnel will be receiving Christmas wishes from the littlest members of Wilson Elementary.

The preschool class has made Christmas cards for the Holiday Mail for Heroes program.

All the cards are addressed "Dear Service Member" and mailed to Maryland. From there, they are delivered to military installations and veterans hospitals.

Teacher Rae White learned about the Holiday Mail for Heroes program through Facebook.

"I thought it would be a fun thing to do," White said. "Some of these students have relatives serving in the military, and this would open a new world for them."

White and her teacher aide, Melissa Overby, used the opportunity to get out the globe and discuss with the children where their cards might end up.

"It's good to know about other places, and we worked on cutting skills and writing skills," White said.

Students had a fun time making the cards.

"It was fun to make it," Jani Miller said. "I put a little Christmas star on it because all trees have stars on them, and a candy cane sticker because I don't know how to draw candy canes."

Noah Covey covered his card with candy cane stickers and Santa Claus stickers.

"I always put stickers everywhere, and now they are going to the soldiers," he said.

Other students just put objects they like on the cards, with hopes that the soldiers will appreciate the same things.

"I made a robot on it because I wanted to," Brody Johns said.