The Ardmore City Commission was able to tear through a short agenda in six minutes, officially wrapping up the schedule of regular meetings for 2013 Monday night.

A number of appointment and reappointments were made, including one new member on the Ardmore Development Authority. Steve Jordan and Chris Sandvick were appointed to their first three-year terms, which will expire in January 2017. Sandvick filled an unexpired term in February, and Jordon is a newcomer to the board. One opening remains to be filled.

Andy Harlow, Phil McAnally and Christi Daube were appointed to their second three-year terms on the Regional Park Trust Authority Board. The terms will expire December 2016.

A lease agreement with Lance Windel at the Ardmore Downtown Executive Airport was approved. Lease renewal agreements were approved with Dewayne Taylor, Harold Holden and Hanger Village Associates. The commission approved payment to Mercy Clinic Oklahoma Communities for firefighter physicals in the amount of $13,950.

The commission approved an agreement with H.W. Lochner Inc. for engineering services for the Ardmore Downtown Executive Airport and the Ardmore Municipal Airport. The action was also taken by the ADA during its meeting Monday.