Two Ardmore men are facing charges in connection with the manufacturing and distribution of counterfeit $20 bills.

Det. Matt Dunn, Ardmore Police Department Criminal Investigations, said Matthew Perry was arrested about 1:30 p.m. Thursday by patrol officers in the 1200 block of North Commerce Street.

"Officers were called to a restaurant where the suspect (Perry) had attempted to pay with a counterfeit $20. During the investigation he was found in possession of counterfeit bills, a printer, ink, firearm and marijuana. He was arrested and booked into the county jail," Dunn said.

About the same time Perry was being arrested, Dunn said detectives were acting on a tip that a North Commerce Street residence was being used as a counterfeit bill manufacturing facility. Detectives went to the trailer park, located at 3481 North Commerce Street and searched the residence located at Lot 28. Steven Z. Parker was located inside the trailer. He was taken into custody and booked into the Carter County Detention Center.

During a search of the trailer Dunn indicated "cuttings" were found throughout the residence.

"Cuttings are the strips of extra paper that are cut away from the counterfeit bills after they are produced," Dunn explained, adding other evidence was also seized including "currency being used to print the counterfeit bills."

While Dunn said the investigation into the counterfeiting operation remains ongoing, he is "confident" the local manufacturing effort has been stopped.

He described how the counterfeit bills were being passed.

"Generally they were being passed at at busy times at the drive through windows at fast food places. A small order was placed and paid for with a counterfeit $20. They got the order and received most of the $20 in real money as change in the transaction," he said.

Although the brakes have been put on the manufacture of the bills, investigators believe some of the counterfeit bills are still in circulation.

"We are sill taking reports and we believe there are still some counterfeit $20s out there that have yet to be turned in," Dunn said. "We want people to be aware. Usually if they will just take a good look they will see the bills are cut unevenly, there is discoloration and there are no security strips."

Although the case is labeled as ongoing, reports are expected to be submitted to the district attorney's office Monday.

Late Saturday Perry remained detained pending the posting of a $50,000 bond. Perry's has a criminal history that includes a number of felony convictions.

Parker was released from the CCDC after posting a $30,000 bond.