It's Santa's busy time of year, but The Ardmoreite was able to talk to some experts from Plainview Primary's first-grade class about the Jolly Ol' Elf.

Santa Claus has to visit all the world's children in the span of a single night. According to the experts, who are pen pals with St. Nicholas, the reindeer are the secret to Santa completing this task in a timely fashion.

"Santa's reindeer can go from Oklahoma to Japan in 10 seconds. It would take me two weeks to get there," Jackson Anderson explains.

The reindeer are also special in that they are unlike any other reindeer in the world because Santa sprinkles them with magic dust.

"The magic dust is thrown on them and they fly," Camryn Poteet says.

Once Santa is on his way, he manages to enter homes by coming down the chimney. However, many homes no longer have this once-necessary household structure.

Santa has a few ways to get into homes without the usual chimney entrance.

"He teleports in because of his magic," River Mills says. "He also has a magic key that unlocks everybody's house."

"My mom lets Santa in," Jurnie Harman explains.

However Saint Nick gets in, he brings presents to all the nice boys and girls.

Santa Claus is on schedule to make his annual trip around the world tonight.