In a recent a survey of 1,000 likely American voters, 13 percent gave the Senate positive marks and 15 percent gave the House is doing a good job.

Here are more results from the poll:

51 percent said the Senate is doing a poor job and 52 percent rated the House’s performance as poor.

The findings have changed little since early March despite Congress’ passage in recent days of a bipartisan budget plan that avoids another federal government shutdown in January.

Only 62 percent of voters recognize that Republicans control the House, down from 71 percent in the earlier survey, while 18 percent incorrectly think Democrats run the House.

66 percent know that Democrats are the majority in the Senate, unchanged from March, 16 percent think the GOP is in charge in the Senate.

32 percent think it is better when one party controls both the House and the Senate, but 39 percent still believe it is better when each chamber.