Carter County Undersheriff Milton Anthony praised the actions of three deputies who saved a man intent on taking his own life Monday night.

Talking about Deputies Lee Ashton and Derek Helmke, and Reserve Deputy Paul Almon, Anthony said," They're to be highly commended. They're quick response and their actions prevented a tragedy."

Carter County Sheriff's Department reports indicate about 6:10 p.m. the trio of lawmen went to a Keller Road residence located in rural Wilson. A witness told the deputies a 33-year-old man who was upset and had been drinking had become violent.

"He was upset with his mother, his ex-wife and his girlfriend. When he became violent, he was locked out of the house," Anthony said. "He had a knife. The deputies talked with him and tried to get him to put the knife down. He begged them to shoot him, and cut himself numerous times. One of the deputies managed to distract him, and the other two tased him."

Medics were called to the scene. Subsequently, he was taken to the Ardmore hospital.

"He was treated. None of his wounds were life threatening, and he was transferred to the behavioral medical unit where he's being evaluated," the undersheriff said.

"Ashton, Helmke and Almon did an outstanding job and saved a life," Anthony said.