Holiday season 2013 seems to have been an extra busy one for Santa Claus.

Throughout the month, event organizers struggled to schedule the Jolly Old Elf for their events.

Social media saved the day, as Santa's elves stationed in Oklahoma answered the requests on behalf of St. Nick.

"We put it on Facebook and got more responses that way," said Nicki Wood, who organized the Greater Southwest Historical Museum Santa's House on the Prairie. "Before, we had to call around."

It worked especially well, as Santa wore one of his older Victorian-style outfits while reading a story to the children at the museum.

Even tenured elves such as Alicia Gilmartin, who is also the program director at the H.F.V. Wilson Community Center, struggled trying to schedule Santa, but in the end, he showed up.

"Santa did a wonderful job. We're not going to have an event without Santa," she said.

According to Gilmartin, the elves that normally do Santa's scheduling found themselves busier than normal because of work interrupted by the recent winter storms. Events also had to be reschedule, which just added to the time crunch.

However, even if a child missed seeing Santa first hand, his elves have been taking requests from children and getting them to the boss.

"My niece told me what she wanted, and I gave Santa the message," Gilmartin says.

Efforts to reach St. Nick himself were unsuccessful. The Ardmoreite thinks phone reception is probably not the greatest on the sleigh traveling at breakneck speeds around the world.