The brown paper bag was a hot spot for the Dash for Santa's Cash promotion, sponsored by the Ardmore Chamber of Commerce and Ardmore Main Street Authority.

Two of the Santa's cash winners were drawn from the store, including the $1,000 grand prize. Karen Volino, who is the Carter County court clerk, won the top prize. Judy Butts won the $500 prize with the ticket also purchased from the brown paper bag.

Luann Walker won a $300 prize with a ticket purchased from the Pocket Shop, and Martina Akers won a $200 prize with a ticket purchased from Russell Cellular.

"This was the first year our store participated in Dash for Santa Cash, and it was a great experience," said Brian Davis, Russell Cellular manager. "It was a thrill to have one of the winners from our store. The winner then took her 'Santa Cash' and returned to the store and spent her money. It was a win-win for both of us."

Customers going to any of the participating stores received one ticket for every $10 they spent. The Santa cash awarded through a drawing, in turn, could be spent in any of the participating stores.

"We love Dash for Santa Cash," said Sue Fernando, the brown paper bag. "We encourage our shoppers to fill out their tickets to ensure an opportunity to win."

Maria Wilkinson, Maria's Garden owner, said the promotion was both fun for the store as well as exciting.

"It is a fun, fun promotion because it's short," she said. "It is easy to stay focused on it. It's just fun to see people come in and have a group effort with a chance to win.

"Your first wish is someone wins that purchased at your store. Your second wish is that they spend it at your store."